Logo Design

Company Projects

Packaging Design

Lost Creek came to us with a beautiful brand already created but needing a cohesive packaging line designed.

Packaging, Advertising & Web design


With a logo already in hand Humboldt Edge Farm came to us looking to get a website and packaging designed that really resonated with their brand.

Packaging and Advertising Design

When Happy Dreams came to us they had a vision of creating galaxy themed packaging. They already had a clean and simple logo to work with.

Packaging Design

Rambling Rose is just as dedicated and hands on with their brand as they are with their farm. They designed their own logo but needed help getting their packaging developed and had some really great ideas.

Packaging Design

Herbal Elderberry Tonic came to us with a solid foundation, the owner is wildly creative and it was easy to feed off of the energy she brings to the table and transfer 
that into her labeling and 

Packaging and Web Design


Dry Creek Gardens had a very complicated and intricate logo so we wanted to keep their packaging and web design relatively simple to allow the logo to really stand out.

Packaging, Advertising and Web Design

We worked with True Humboldt 
through they're first 4 years of 
operation helping them to 
implement their existing logo and branding materials. 

Advertising and Web Design

We worked with Humboldt Sun Growers Guild, who is owned and operated by the same owners of True Humboldt through they're first 4 years of operation helping them to get their name out there.

Logo, Style Guide and Packaging Design

Region Cannabis was created to establish a white label for cannabis brands throughout California with an emphasis on telling the story of the farmer. 

Logo Creation and Web Design


Working with Maya Cooper is such a blessing. Her calming energy makes all of her projects so fun. 

She came to me needing to update her old website and was looking to branch out and offer even more healing resources to the community. She had a vision and we were so happy to be able to help her to make it a reality.