Want a custom portrait of your furry friend? No problem. I will contact you within 24 hrs to talk about what you would like your portrait to look like. I can do full color or black and white and I can do any type of background you like.


You have the choice of getting your portrait printed on a Bag, T-shirt, Pillow, Blanket, Mug or a Framed Print for an additional fee.


If you would like to add a person or a second dog to the portrait it will be an additional $25


For specific information regarding the quality of items, what they're made of, what colors are available and all that I have provided links to these items on my sight so you can learn more about each option.




18" x 18" Pillow

50" x 60" Blanket

11oz Mug

10"x10" Framed Print


Also feel free to contact us directly at any time if you have questions.


707 502 4913


Custom Portrait